Artsymmoon the Artist

Honourable Young Primates Embassy (HYPE) is more than a standard NFT project. By owning an NFT in the HYPE collection, you become a member of our embassy.

Our embassy is built to serve its members. We are a highly experienced team with wildly ambitious goals. We are upcoming digital artists, we are web3 nerds, we are community builders.

We want to provide with our brand the opportunity to develop a community based on fellowship, loyalty and collective happiness.

Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining hundreds of unique hand-drawn traits across different trait categories. There are only 12 legendary NFTs available throughout the entire collection.


The Artist

She holds a bachelor degree in arts, specialized in digital fabrication and generative art. She has created this collection as her final degree project.


The Analyst

He holds a bachelor degree in economics, specialized in both macroeconomy and financial economics. Has been an investor in the NFT space for almost a year with experience working on business strategy, game theory and tokenomics. Co-founder of Island Capital.


The Developer

He holds a post degree in marine ecology, and he develops computer systems and loves programming. He came across NFT’s world one year ago and now he is a strong supporter of them. Co-founder of Island Capital, a highly specialized venture capital investing in top quality projects.


Marketing & Sales Manager

Lady Sniper

Research & Development Director

Mary Cryptoppins

Marketing Advisor & Social Growth Hacker

After sold out in the mint day, you can acquire a HYPE NFT from MagicEden, Opensea and Solanart.
We have a very active community and you are welcome to be part of our embassy! Come and build the future of our Embassy with us on Twitter and Discord.
Check our Roadmap, we will continue branding and improving our future plans for the emmbassy with our community.